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As you may know, Insurance Nerd Day takes place on 18 July every year. We launched MIND in 2021 and, this year, we will once again be holding an extravaganza of the greatest Insurance minds of South Africa and beyond.

On 18 July, we will be holding an online event that will showcase some of the fastest brains in the business. At this event, you will be given the opportunity to compete against other Insurance nerds and, if you're lucky, be crowned the Milpark Insurance Nerd of the year!

There are indeed beautiful trophies up for grabs, and bragging rights for the next year, as well as other fabulous prizes to be won…

Up for the challenge?

The competition consists of a virtual quiz in which the participants have to answer a set of multiple-choice questions within a 30-second time frame. The Insurance nerd with the most points at the end wins – GLORY!

Should there be a tiebreaker, the person with the fastest overall time will win. 

Steps to register

Step 1 - Register on this website. 

Step 2 - Register for the live event being streamed on the webinar platform, which will be shared soon!


  • A beautiful trophy
  • CPDs for a year from Milpark Education (18 hours)
  • A CII voucher worth $250
  • Registration to the 2022 IISA Conference (virtual)
  • A Milpark Education voucher.

Stay tuned for more updates on the prizes!

About Insurance Nerd Day

Have you ever met someone who loves working at their insurance firm?

Have you tried telling them to stop talking about insurance clients or new policies, but they wouldn’t, because they’re too excited about it?

Well, there is a day dedicated just for those kinds of people.

It’s Insurance Nerd Day!

Insurance nerds are the kinds of people who love to talk about insurance, read insurance publications, collect insurance memorabilia, and post about insurance news on their social-media platforms.

So, if you want to give something to your friend who meets this criteria, start here, by learning more about Insurance Nerd Day!

History of Insurance Nerd Day

Insurance Nerd Day is intended to break the ‘boring’ stigma attached to people who can relate to being an ‘insurance nerd’.

Because of the lack of interest in the insurance industry, Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company declared Insurance Nerd Day back in 2016.

Each year, the company celebrates their employees in this manner, in order to attract young talent and encourage other professionals to get involved in breaking the stereotypes surrounding a career in insurance.

While Pioneer State Mutual founded the holiday, there are now multiple insurance companies and insurance nerd websites that have popped up to celebrate this holiday.

If you’re interested in learning more about this insurance craze, then follow some of the top blogs on the topic and learn from the best.

How to Celebrate Insurance Nerd Day

One of the best ways to appreciate insurance workers is by thanking them for what they do.

If you have a friend who works in the industry, listen to some of their conversations about their work and experiences, and you may learn something interesting about this industry!

If you’re a college student considering your career options, then check out your local insurance companies and see if they have job openings available.

Do some research about insurance and come to grips with the finer details that most people in general wouldn't know about.

This is also a day to check out what your own insurance entails, and see how up to date you are on your insurance plan.

Also, for fun, you can hashtag #InsuranceNerdDay or #mindchallenge on your favourite social-media platforms and tag your insurance friends in your posts, thanking them for all of their hard work.


For more information, see the following website: Days of the year